Is your home safe while you’re away on vacation?

Summer is a common time of year for individuals to go on vacation, which may mean being away from home for a longer amount of time than normal.

Many visitors are worried about the safety of their homes while they are abroad. The last thing you want to hear while on vacation while enjoying one of the best shows in Las Vegas is a panicky phone call from the police after your home has been broken into. Following these simple guidelines is the first step in making your house more secure.

Before you depart, make sure that all of your doors and windows, including those in your garage, shed, and basement, are in functioning condition. Examine your things for any extra keys that may be hidden beneath a mat or behind a rock. Criminals are well informed of where to look and how to get access to a building using a key. A piece of wood or a long metal rod should be put on a sliding window or door track to prevent it from being pushed open from the outside.

Outside lighting should be set to turn on at certain times. Burglars will find your house more appealing if it is dark outside because they cannot be seen. The usage of a timer also creates the illusion that someone is at home, which is beneficial.

Inspect your mail and newspapers to see whether they have been delivered and if they need to be saved for collection. When you notice piles of paper and mail outside your door, you know you have a big issue.

Allow a part of the blinds or curtains to stay open to improve ventilation. If the doors and windows are completely shut, it seems like no one is at home. As a result, your absence will be less noticeable as a result.

It is conceivable that a trustworthy family member, neighbour, or friend may pay a visit to your house to check on it at a certain time. They are welcome to wander about the home and check that everything is in functioning condition as long as the plants are well-watered.

Being away from home for a lengthy period of time is a good reminder to keep an exact inventory of your valuable household goods, such as electronic gadgets, jewellery, and guns.

If your house includes valuables such as cash, jewellery, or other valuables, you might consider placing them in a safe deposit box. This service is not free, but it is significantly less costly than having your stuff seized from you.

Gun owners must lock and store their firearms in line with the Guns Act and Regulations.

Install timers on all of your home’s electrical devices. If you have a light or a radio, it could be useful to have one. No one in your house will be able to tell you are not there unless someone peeks into your home and detects any activity.

Check that your home’s security system is turned on. Don’t forget to provide the code to a trustworthy family member or friend who comes to check on your house to avoid the alarm going off by mistake.

Vacations are meant to be a time of rest and regeneration. Take the appropriate steps, and you won’t have to be concerned about the safety of your house for the rest of your life.

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